Dolan Creek Ranch West

Dolan Creek Road, off Hwy 277 south of Sonora

12 Lots Available

Starting From $68,229

Val Verde County

Property Description

Dolan Creek Ranch West is located on the southwestern edge of the Texas Hill Country, halfway between Del Rio and Sonora off Hwy. 277 and Dolan Creek Road (County road).This is the intersection of three biological regions, the Edwards Plateau, Chihuahuan Desert and Rio Grande Plain brushland, which creates a landscape of outstanding beauty and diversity supporting a wide variety of native and exotic game species. The terrain on the ranch varies from large wide valleys covered with live oak, hackberry, mesquite, cedar and wild persimon trees to flat topped hills and rugged canyons with escarpment oaks, cedar and native brush cover. Wildlife on the ranch includes native whitetail deer, free ranging exotics (axis deer, aoudad, fallow deer), feral hogs, Rio Grande turkey, quail and dove.

Lots & Prices

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
1 70.00 $126,000
2 57.31 $103,158
3 62.91 $113,238
4 ELECT. 77.05 $146,010 PENDING CT 5/18
5 88.23 $154,403
6 85.50 $141,075
7 ELECT. 57.48 $108,925
12 ELECT. 34.47 $68,768 PENDING TT 5/13
13 ELECT. 50.97 $99,392 PENDING ST 5/23
14 ELECT. 34.20 $68,229 PENDING CT 5/13
15 ELECT. 36.51 $72,837
17 203.46 $356,055


Gently rolling to rugged terrain


Electricity available to some tracts as shown on the plat.


Hunting. Family weekend getaway.

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