Cave Wells Ranch

20 miles west of Menard off Hwy 190

7 Lots Available

Starting From $68,540

Menard County

Property Description

Cave Wells Ranch is located 24 miles west of Menard and 30 miles east of Eldorado off Hwy.190 on Treadwell Lane (County Road). The terrain on the ranch is gently rolling with a good covering of live oak and mesquite trees. Menard County has long been a destination for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Game on the ranch includes a healthy population of whitetail deer, Black Buck Antelope, turkey as well as feral hogs and free ranging exotics. Thirty year fixed rate owner financing is available on all tracts with as little as 5 % down. Call or email today for more information on this beautiful Menard County ranch.

Lots & Prices

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Lot Name Total Acres Total Price
23 22.19 $75,449
25 23.71 ELECT. $90,102
41 22.56 $76,704 PENDING TT 8/8
42 25.22 $85,762 PENDING TT 8/8
43 22.49 $76,469
44 26.82 $91,195
47 19.31 $68,540 PENDING TC 8/1


Gently rolling


Community water station, all property owners may use this to fill containers.

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