Double Eagle Ranch, Phase 2, East SOLD OUT

Live Oak County, 12 miles south of George West on Hwy. 281

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Live Oak County

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Double Eagle Ranch is located 12 miles south of George West and 27 miles north of Alice just off Highway 281. Double Eagle Ranch is only 1 hour from Corpus Christi and 1.5 hours from San Antonio. This beautiful south Texas land is level to gently rolling and covered in mesquite, black brush, and scattered oaks. There is electricity available to most tracts in the ranch. Water wells in the area are 300 - 350 feet in dept, drilling costs averages $17/ft. All tracts front on an all weather caliche road with a 60' recorded easement for access. There are several tracts on the ranch that front on County Road 170. Fixed rate owner financing is available with as little as 5% down for up to 30 years.

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